THAIMON - タイのブランドが集まるセレクトストア

しあわせスカーフ「Blisfulness(Ruby)」design by Siwa

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シワ〜アポン 心は愛とケアから創られる。


Heart making elements, flowers, vines, topical leaves, feathers and flamingos
( birds of love and relationships ), surrounding by heart and bubbles,
this scarf is romanticise with every detail

Colour & Fabric
Hand printed in premium quality satin, smooth and silky texture.
this fabric we imported from Japan and print the pattern on it by hand one by one.
It is very hard to be crumpled so you can put it into your bag.
"Please hand wash in warm water"

Gimmick : Each colour of scarf we make the boarder in different way,
for this one we use pink line boarder to make it look vivid and fresh

We sew the boarder of scarf with hand by our seamstress so the scarf is very tidy finishing.

Handmade packing:

First we fold the scarf into small square and warp it with translucent, put a handmade sticker on it Then we print the flamingo and other drawings on paper and warp it outside. Finally, we put a little heart card on top of it, so you can write a letter for someone you give it.

Size : 100 X 100 cm

Tip :
The scarf has romantic soft style colour so it easy to match with clothes.
Green shirt will make a fresh and clean look. Pink or red will make sweet look.

This scarf have 3 different colour with different style

Designed and hand printed in Bangkok / fabric made in Japan

Heart made with love and care element by element